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1.a resident of Alabama

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  • al-ummah
  • al-tawhid
  • al-rashid trust
  • al-qur'an
  • al-qaida
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  • alabastrine
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  • aplysia
  • stutter
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  • sciarid
  • futurist
  • archaeologist
  • nebuchadnezzar ii
  • genus anabrus
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  • Idiom of the Day

    turn on a dime
    to change one's plans or orientation
    I did not take the job in the city because my life cannot turn on a dime.

    It's always colder ________ November than September

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  • Expert Tips on Integrating Mobile and Cloud Strategies

    Offload computation to the cloud

    Look at what portion of logic, such as the calculations and algorithms, can take place on the mobile device versus an in the cloud system, suggested LiquidHub s Bordogna. Most employees only want to view their data on mobile, said Yuri Sagalov (@yuris), co founder and CEO, AeroFS. They would be happy to see the computation done elsewhere. While the latest mobile devices have impressive new features (e.g., faster CPUs and larger memory), they also have limitations, such as limited battery life and the inability to handle heavy processing. Mobile apps with cloud native capabilities can offload complex data processing to the cloud. The processed results can be made available on any device and in real time, explained Kalyan Ramanathan (@kaylanatwork), VP of product marketing, AppDynamics.

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