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air force officer

1.an officer in the airforce

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  • air force intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance
  • air force academy
  • air force
  • air flow
  • air filter
  • air embolism
  • air duct
  • air division
  • air defense
  • air force research laboratory
  • air force space command
  • air gas
  • air group
  • air gun
  • air hammer
  • air hole
  • air horn
  • air hose
  • air hostess
  • defective pleading
  • t. e. lawrence
  • republic of south africa
  • demeanor
  • flavorlessness
  • aggressively
  • restrain
  • enthuse
  • bedevilment
  • acidulous

  • Idiom of the Day

    do one's duty
    to do one's job or what is expected of one
    The guard was doing his duty when he began to ask the customer questions.

    After ________ it

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    Need an Employee Gift Acceptance Policy

    A gift policy provides guidance to company employees about what is and isnt appropriate to accept as a present, offering, advertisement, award, or token of appreciation from a customer, vendor, supplier, potential employee, or potential vendor or supplier. The gift policy states whether employees are allowed to accept gifts both within and outside of work premises. If a gift is allowed, the gift policy defines the acceptable value and type of gift permissible to employees.

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