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air flow

1.the flow of air

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  • air filter
  • air embolism
  • air duct
  • air division
  • air defense
  • air cushion
  • air current
  • air crew
  • air cover
  • air corps
  • air force
  • air force academy
  • air force intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance
  • air force isr
  • air force officer
  • air force research laboratory
  • air force space command
  • air gas
  • air group
  • air gun
  • genus botaurus
  • antiphony
  • pyrometer
  • pleurocarpous moss
  • adenopathy
  • genus scrophularia
  • typesetting machine
  • liv
  • involve
  • mesabi range

  • Idiom of the Day

    in the interim
    in the time between the ending and beginning of something
    The school is not yet built so in the interim we will have our classes in an office building.


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  • Healthy Shoulder

    Dont go Excessively Heavy On Curls

    Heavy barbell or dumbbell curls can place a lot of stress on the biceps tendon and lead to shoulder issues. For this reason I rarely recommend curls below six reps. With more advanced trainees I always keep curls in the 10 15 rep range.Heavy curls can beat your shoulders up a lot worse than you might think. I recommend avoiding them.

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