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air flow

1.the flow of air

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  • air filter
  • air embolism
  • air duct
  • air division
  • air defense
  • air cushion
  • air current
  • air crew
  • air cover
  • air corps
  • air force
  • air force academy
  • air force intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance
  • air force isr
  • air force officer
  • air force research laboratory
  • air force space command
  • air gas
  • air group
  • air gun
  • city-bred
  • molehill
  • gasoline tank
  • commercial law
  • low-necked
  • impudently
  • sinusoidal
  • black birch
  • pressurized
  • sleekly

  • Idiom of the Day

    more to (something) than meets the eye
    something is more complex or difficult than it appears
    There is more to the new contract than meets the eye and everyone is pleased with it.

    Don’t let Julie’s enthusiasm fool you; she’s just a ________, not a professional dancer.

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  • Benefits of Hair Straightening

    Curling Iron

    For adding flips and curls at the end of straightened hair. If any damage is done to the hair as a result of the iron staying in one place for too long or because the temperature was more than necessary, that damage is permanent. If you are planning to use the hair iron frequently, use some ceramic hair oil. This will retain some moisture in the hair. High temperatures cause the disappearance of moisture.

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