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air corps

1.formerly the airborne division of the United States Army

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  • air conditioning
  • air conditioner
  • air compressor
  • air combat command
  • air cleaner
  • air cell
  • air castle
  • air bubble
  • air bladder
  • air base
  • air cover
  • air crew
  • air current
  • air cushion
  • air defense
  • air division
  • air duct
  • air embolism
  • air filter
  • air flow
  • undeviating
  • cobaltite
  • tammy
  • tchotchke
  • holy city
  • syncretistical
  • pueraria
  • withering
  • incompatibility
  • timelessness

  • Idiom of the Day

    in the cards
    expected, likely to happen, predictable
    I think that a new company policy is in the cards but I am not sure.

    She has completed more courses than her brother

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  • Boost Self Confidence

    Choose peace

    becoming aware of your spiritual dimension and enjoying continual peace of mind.

    We can cope with anything if we have the tools and can draw on our inner power. But there is no sun without rain; no joy without spiritual awareness; and no growth without the knowledge that help is always available and we can deal with life's difficulties. - Joy Ward

    Deep inside, at our very core, lies a natural centre of absolute stillness and peace which can bring a profound sense of wellbeing. This is the spiritual self but how do we get in touch with it and experience it in our daily lives?

    With a little reflection, it soon becomes apparent that you are more than just a collection of bones held together by muscle and soft tissue, and more than a collection of thoughts and emotions. Something in you is aware not only of what you are thinking but also that you are thinking.

    When we realise that we are spiritual beings in human form, it's like waking from a dream. We can step back, see everything in its true perspective, deal with frustration, and find peace and understanding in an imperfect world.

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