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air conditioning

1.a system that keeps air cool and dry

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  • air conditioner
  • air compressor
  • air combat command
  • air cleaner
  • air cell
  • air castle
  • air bubble
  • air bladder
  • air base
  • air bag
  • air corps
  • air cover
  • air crew
  • air current
  • air cushion
  • air defense
  • air division
  • air duct
  • air embolism
  • air filter
  • unhinged
  • toad-in-the-hole
  • vertebral vein
  • keep in
  • teras
  • balloon flower
  • basse-normandie
  • acrasiomycetes
  • clamminess
  • friction tape

  • Idiom of the Day

    be in
    to be popular or fashionable
    Recently, long skirts are in.


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