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air compressor

1.a compressor that takes in air at atmospheric pressure and delivers it at a higher pressure

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  • Idiom of the Day

    go stir-crazy
    to become anxious because one is confined to a small space
    After many days of rain I began to go stir-crazy because I could not leave the house.

    wanton is most opposite to

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  • krishna Janmashtami Celebration

    Celebration of Krishna Janmashtami In Maharashtra

    Janmaashtami is called as Dahi Handi in Mumbai and Pune. The Krishna Janmashtami over here is celebrated with a huge fervor and passion. The handi (dahi handi) is basically a vessel full of buttermilk. This vessel is tied on a rope high above the ground.Now on the day of the Krishna Janmashtami or the Dahi Handi festival, the boys of the locality together form a man pyramid, in order to reach till the height of the dahi handi and then the topmost person breaks the handi with a coconut as coconut is considered holy in the Indian Mythology, then the buttermilk (dahi) is dripped over the whole man pyramid.The group of the man pyramid is called as Govinda Pathaks. There are several Govinda Pathaks groups within a city all of them compete with each other as there is a competition of how many handis would a group break.

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