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air compressor

1.a compressor that takes in air at atmospheric pressure and delivers it at a higher pressure

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  • Idiom of the Day

    blow a fuse
    to burn out a fuse, to become angry
    We replaced the old fuse when our house blew a fuse last night.

    If you sell your car and buy a cheaper model, you are trading off.

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  • Rules to play Jai Alai

    Jai Alai action

    There are few rules that control the action during the game. According to the rules the ball must be always in motion. There should not be more than a split second before the ball is caught and returned. If that time is too long the rules reward an opposing team with a point. The ball must be caught on the fly or it can bounce only once. The ball can hit the green part of the frontis, side wall, rebote or a concrete part of the floor. By the rules it will be a foul if a ball will touch a red part of the wall, the wire net, the audience screen or a players clothing. In case of a foul an opposite team or a player is rewarded by a point. Jai Alai rules prohibit interference by a player, when, for ex. he is blocking another player preventing him from catching a ball. If that happens the point is replayed. However, if a judge decides that interference was not enough to influence a play, the action continues without interruption.

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