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1.full of air

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  • air-dry
  • air-drop
  • air-dried
  • air-cooled
  • air-conditioned
  • air-condition
  • air-breathing
  • air well
  • air wave
  • air unit
  • air-intake
  • air-raid shelter
  • air-slake
  • air-tight
  • air-to-air
  • air-to-air missile
  • air-to-ground
  • air-to-ground missile
  • air-to-surface
  • air-to-surface missile
  • death warrant
  • katydid
  • game
  • stereoscopic photograph
  • micrometer
  • southern porgy
  • bank account
  • gri-gri
  • tub gurnard
  • flathead catfish

  • Idiom of the Day

    break a habit
    to end a habit
    My sister worked very hard to break her habit of eating too much chocolate.

    But then you all have turned ________ tonight and that proves there is growing interest in our ideals.

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  • Weird and wild cutting edge Security Threats

    Malware that uses sound to jump air gaps

    BadBIOS had one other sinister trick up its sleeve: Although the malware spreads via infected USB flash drives, researchers believed that it communicates with other infected computers via high frequency audio signals.Researchers say that it s only one of several possible ways malware could communicate with other infected machines without the aid of a network connection.

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