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1.full of air

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  • air-dry
  • air-drop
  • air-dried
  • air-cooled
  • air-conditioned
  • air-condition
  • air-breathing
  • air well
  • air wave
  • air unit
  • air-intake
  • air-raid shelter
  • air-slake
  • air-tight
  • air-to-air
  • air-to-air missile
  • air-to-ground
  • air-to-ground missile
  • air-to-surface
  • air-to-surface missile
  • complexion
  • columbo
  • plow horse
  • extreme point
  • twiggy
  • remaking
  • disembarkation
  • gulo gulo
  • skis
  • solanum rostratum

  • Idiom of the Day

    get the jump on (someone)
    to get ahead of someone
    We left home early so that we could get the jump on the other travellers.

    She ________ cooking when the visitors arrived.

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  • Boost Self Confidence

    Let go of the past

    how to get rid of unwanted baggage from the past so it no longer affects you.

    You can't have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time. - Charles F. Kettering

    The past lives on only in your thoughts. It is dead, but you're not. You'll grow in confidence only if you are willing to let go of the past, learn from it, and move on.

    No matter what has gone before, your future, and how you feel about it, will be a direct result of what you do from now on. It is being shaped right now, moment by moment, as the consequences of your desires, thoughts, dreams, actions and words begin to crystallise.

    The past only continues to affect you if you allow it. You may not be able to forget what has gone before, but you can stop dwelling on it.

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