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ab initio

1.at the beginning

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  • aaron copland
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  • aare river
  • aare
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  • aba cloth
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  • abactinal
  • abacus
  • abadan
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  • abalone
  • tachina fly
  • cassia fistula
  • dualism
  • prunus pumila
  • telecommunication equipment
  • st. patrick
  • ugo buoncompagni
  • orange hawkweed
  • sugarberry
  • nootka

  • Idiom of the Day

    burn up
    to burn completely (usually things and not buildings)
    The uniforms burned up in the fire.

    S1: As I say, I was born and brought up in an Atmosphere of the confluence of three movements, all of which were revolutionary.
    S6: He should not only have his own seeds but prepare his own soil.

    P: I was born in a family which had to live its own life, which led me from my young days to seek guidance for my own self expression in my own inner standard of judgement.
    Q: No poet should borrow his medium ready-made from some shop of respectability.
    R: But the language which belonged to the people had to be modulated according to the urging which I as an individual had.
    S: The medium of expression, doubtless, was my mother tongue.

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    Frame it

    Childrens art projects are given the artist treatment with frames in this Park Avenue apartments kitchen. I thought the apartment should reflect the fact that its for a young, modern family with three children and a broad, cosmopolitan view of the world, says designer Eric Cohler. We wanted it to be open, bright, fresh.

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