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business lunch

1.lunch (usually at a restaurant) where business is discussed and the cost is charged as a business expense

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  • ratitae
  • seminiferous tubule
  • thankfulness
  • yucca filamentosa
  • stylish
  • unliveable
  • sugar cookie
  • tympanic membrane
  • sharpened
  • smooth softshell
  • butterball
  • genus curcuma
  • coupler
  • gaolbreak
  • genus carphophis
  • advocacy
  • abbe condenser
  • grinding wheel
  • canvasser
  • family pomatomidae
  • prizefight
  • trichoptera
  • choreographic
  • hyperope
  • british shilling
  • lampoon artist
  • unhesitating
  • sluttishness
  • protozoic
  • eclipse

  • Idiom of the Day

    make the scene
    to be present, to go to a certain place or event
    We decided to make the scene and go to the club for the evening.

    I don't remember ________ the cooker off before I left.

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    The tenga is a light and sour fish dish, another signature class of preparations. The souring ingredient could be mangosteen, lemon, etc., but the most popular is that made with tomatoes. Fish dishes made with fermented bamboo shoot are generally sour, but they are not called tengas. Fish is fried in mustard oil or curried with bottle gourd or spinach. Another tenga dish is prepared with matimah (urad bean) and outenga (elephant apple). Bottle gourd also can be added to it. Tengamora or noltenga and lentil is also a distinct tenga curry.

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