Test # 9

Dear Charles I thought it was ________ time I wrote to you and told you what I've been up to.

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    Boss Day Party Games

    Boss day is a day exclusively meant to add zest, festive mood and, of course, celebrations to the routine work atmosphere in the office. You would always find your boss busy inside his cabin with his/her head buried under a heap of files. This is the day probably the only day of the year when you can pull your boss out of the cabin. Throw in some adventure, along with practical jokes and make this day memorable for him/her by showing your appreciation for the support and the advice that has helped you identify your potential. In many workplaces, employees plan parties to celebrate Boss day. What can be more enjoyable than a party that can dissolve the differences and create an obvious informal atmosphere. Parties are all about having fun and the best way to add amusement to a party is to add wonderful games to them. There are a bunch of interesting party games which are mentioned below. Select the ones you like and jet, set go !

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