Test # 87

As a new employee she's very anxious to do the right thing and hopes that her new project ________ with the approval of her boss.

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    Jai Alai game

    During Jai Alai game the competition is between two man teams (doubles) or between single players (singles). Every player (or a team) has an assigned number from 1 to 8. These are the same numbers, which the public makes bets on. By the obvious analogy with the greyhound starting boxes, these numbers are also called post positions. According to the rules, the participants of the Jai Alai matches are chosen by players manager and the matchmaker. The purpose of that rule is to assure a competitive game interesting for the public and fair for the players. The matchmaker plays a role similar to the role of racing secretary who plans horse and greyhound races that would make a competitive sense. A players manager can manage a group of few dozens of players at the same time and at the same fronton. A manager tries to take care equally of the interest of every player in the group.

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