Test # 58

In order to make a sensible ________ among the different vacuum cleaners available, it is important to do some research.

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    Use memory to advantage

    Unlike undergraduate school, the courses that one takes in law school need to be remembered because of the bar exam and legal practice. Cramming does not reinforce memory because the information never gets into your long term memory filing cabinet and disappears once you regurgitate the information on a final exam. Law school courses have an overwhelming amount of material that needs to be applied on exams and not just memorized. Because we forget 80% of what we learn in 2 weeks if we do not review it constantly, review every week of the semester is the key to good grades on exams and retaining information for later use. It is easier to regain use of information for the bar exam and practice if one learned it well to begin with and merely has to brush up rather than re learn.

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