Test # 57

We got there early so that we could get the best ________ in the sale before anyone else.

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    Bamboo Shoot Storage Tips

    Fresh bamboo shoots can be easily stored in a refrigerator for up to two weeks. However, if stored for longer durations and exposed to sunlight, they are likely to develop a bitter taste, making it unpalatable. While storing bamboo shoots, place them whole and unpeeled in the coolest part of your refrigerator, preferably the crisper drawer. If you have bought the canned version of bamboo shoots, open the can and rinse the shoots in hot water to remove any unpleasant smell and taste. You may also blanch them prior to cooking. Alternatively, you can place the bamboo shoots in a jar with water and place it in a refrigerator. Change the water daily, until consumed. This way, they can last for up to two weeks.

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