Test # 44

The contract was signed by the three partners who thus agreed to ________ by terms and conditions contained in it.

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    Wheatgrass for Leukaemia

    Dr. Ann Wigmore of Boston, U.S.A., the well-known naturopath and a pioneer in the field of living food nutrition, has been testing the effect of a drink made of fresh wheatgrass in the treatment of leukaemia. She claims to have cured several cases of this disease by this method. Dr. Wigmore points out that by furnishing the body with live minerals, vitamins, trace elements and chlorophyll through wheatgrass juice, it may be able to repair itself. You can grow your own wheatgrass from un-milled kernels of organic wheat held for several days in a warm but not hot room on a damp cloth. Extract the juice of the wheatgrass, dilute with an equal part of water, and drink.

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