Test # 43

As soon as the doctor looked at her, he was able to ________ the cause of her frequent headaches.

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    Zsolt Erdei

    Cruiserweight 32 0 0 (17) Last Year s Ranking: 55 Status Report: In his first fight in a year, Erdei beat one Samson Anyang (W 8) in December. Another month sitting on his behind would have resulted in his omission from this analysis altogether. As it is, he suffers a severe but entirely deserved 16 place tumble. In his last fight of importance, Erdei beat Giacobbe Fragomeni (W 12) to claim an alphabet strap. Future: We re hopeful that Erdei s recent alliance with American promoter Lou DiBella means Erdei will go to work frequently and primarily in America so we can figure out once and for all whether he s as good as his record suggests.

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