Test # 21

Most of the money ________ was donated to charity.

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    BRICS Development Agenda

    BRICS nations need to encourage technological collaborations that would help provide cost effective solutions to address the group's social and economic challenges, Suzlon Energy chief Tulsi Tanti has said.He also said that BRICS region needs to reestablish its prominence as a primary driver of the global economy.BRICS is the grouping of five nations Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.Mr Tanti noted that it should set out a clear agenda on sustainability as their co-operation and co-ordination would act as a catalyst in achieving the millennium development goals, which is crucial for sustainable development, according to a statement issued by Suzlon.The chairman and managing director of wind turbine maker Suzlon made these comments during his speech at the forum that was part of the BRICS Summit in Brazil on Monday.Mr Tanti also called for greater regional integration which is the key to job creation and for rapid sustainable growth.

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