Test # 20

The one big fear of all world economies is that of ________ .

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    Onam Sadya feast

    The Onam sadya feast is another very indispensable part of Thiruvonam, and almost every Keralite attempts to either make or attend one. The feast is served on plantain leaves and have more than 13 to 15 curries, along with traditional pickles, papadam and a dessert called payasam a sweet dish made of milk, sugar, jaggery and other traditional Indian savories. In hotels and temples, the number of curries and dishes may go up to 30. The importance of the feast to the Kerala Onam celebration culture is captured in the famous Malayalam proverb Kaanam Vittum Onam Unnanam which means One must have the Onam lunch even one is forced to sell his property.

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