Test # 12

I strongly recommend that restaurant as I was very ________ with how quickly they brought the food.

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    AKA Twister, whirlwind, bear s cage What is it? A ferociously spinning column of air that is in contact with both the ground and a cumulonimbus cloud above. Where? Tornadoes can occur anywhere though are most common in mid latitudes, as storms form where cold polar and warm tropical air meet. The USA is twister central, annually recording the most (1,000 plus a year) and the most violent. First, safety warning storms should not be chased by the inexperienced. Join a storm watching tour to get close to these dervishes of nature. The hotspot is Tornado Alley, which extends from west Texas through western and central parts of Oklahoma and Kansas and across Nebraska. The best watching is in areas with few trees, to enable clearer views; the most intense months are April to June. A good operator will know how to read both weather data and the skies to locate the twisters, and drive you to the most likely place for storm o clock 4pm 6pm is prime time.

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