Test # 108

She is ________ with having to do 2 people's jobs.

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    Fernando Montiel

    WBC Bantamweight Titleholder 44 2 2 (34) Last Year s Ranking: 21 Status Report: Who would have thought that the guy who froze against Mark Johnson in 2003 would now be among the very best fighters in the world? Probably nobody but Montiel himself. Here he is anyway, with four good wins in 2010 propelling him into the top 10. Victories over Ciso Morales (KO 1), Hozumi Hasegawa (KO 4), Rafael Concepcion (KO 3) and Jovanny Soto (KO 2) get him here. Ah, who are we kidding? It was the win over Hasegawa, which also rid Montiel of the stink left from his suspicious technical draw against Alejandro Valdez in 2009. Future: Is scheduled to face fellow tiny pound for pound entrant Nonito Donaire on February 19 in a wonderful 118 pound matchup.

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