Test # 105

A suck-up is someone who is ________ their superior in an attempt to gain favor.

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    Virgo Inner Self

    Virgo ( Aug 23 - Sep 22 ) Inner Self :

    You have plenty of willpower and dedication, and you work harder than anyone to make sure something is perfect. Why? Because if you can't do everything superbly, you begin to fear that you're failing. You are much too critical of yourself. Actually, you're an enigma that no one has quite figured out. You hold back with people you don't know well and are reserved even with those you love. Inwardly, though, you feel very deeply. Intensity and extreme sensitivity are part of your secret self. You like looking after others giving advice to friends, feeding stray animals, tending sick plants but you need to be appreciated for the kind things you do. Above all, you want to be useful because you truly care about people.

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