Test # 1

Mathew Smith was a highly respected member of parliament with no ________ on his character

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    Getting Shot

    A pellet has to hit you, break open and mark you to count as a kill. The following dont count A pellet hits an object first and paint sprays onto you. A pellets hits you and bounces off (always check yourself before you say you are out.)The following do count A direct shot that hits you anywhere on your body, gun or goggles and leaves a splat of paint counts.Being shot by your own team is very common and counts.If you do get shot (virtually everyone will get shot at some stage) you simply hold your gun up in the air and walk out to dead zone (an area outside of the playing area where you wait until the end of the game and watch how the game progresses).Dont walk through the playing area, with your arms by your side, mumbling about being shot you will get shot again.

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